OEM Auto Mirror


OEM Auto Mirror

As a global manufacturer of custom auto mirror solutions, we provided OEM service for a wide range of car brands. We offer custom car mirrors from design, shape, color and laser markings to vehicle brand factories, retailers, wholesalers and repair shops, and sign the NDA privacy policy.

5 Easy Steps to

Create a Successful OEM Solution

Micmirror's experts assist you with designing custom auto mirror.
The design is received and approved for your custom mirror.
Functional samples as fast as five days
Mass Production
Mass production starts when the final design is approved.
We ensure your custom mirrors arrive in pristine condition.

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Successful Stories

Our commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation drove us to embark on this transformative journey, elevating the standard of mirror glass solutions for the trucking industry.


Reflecting Brilliance: A Successful Project by a Mirror Glass Manufacturer for Trucks

Understanding Trucking Industry Needs:

Our project focused on providing mirror glass solutions that addressed blind spots, reduced glare, and offered clear rear visibility, enhancing overall road safety.

Advanced Mirror Coating Technology:

We developed anti-glare coatings that minimized reflections from headlights and harsh sunlight, ensuring drivers maintain clear visibility during challenging driving conditions.

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FAQs About Micmirror Solution

We can supply everything related to automotive mirrors, including mirror glass, coated mirror, rearview mirror, mirror accessory, and OEM services.

Normally 500pcs/item. Trial orders and further requests can be negotiated.

That depends on the order quantity and product type, generally, we can delivery in 5-7 days for samples via FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS. We will try to help you choose a best way depending different order conditions.

Yes. All of our stock samples are free and customers just need to cover the freight cost. For customize samples, need to pay some cost.

Normally the sample proofing is completed within 7 days after the sample details are negotiated.

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