Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror

Micmirror offers convex mirrors that improve the driver’s field of vision and eliminate blind spots for better maneuvering control of the vehicle. Our fully automated production ensures that we produce high quality convex mirrors with an accurate radius of curvature of 120-2000mm that are clear and free from distortion.


Passenger Cars



Take a Look at Our Curvature Options

for Optimum Field of Vision

For Convex Mirror
Radius 120mmRadius 150mmRadius 220mmRadius 300mm
Radius 420mmRadius 500mmRadius 600mmRadius 800mm
Radius 1000mmRadius 1260mmRadius 1350mmRadius 1800mm
Radius 2000mm   
For Aspherical MirrorFor Flat Mirror

Why Micmirror Is Your Best

Convex Mirror Supplier

Wider View

The precise angle of the glass curvature that provides a wider field of vision without any distortion.

Clearer Image

Premium coating materials & skillful techniques bring out the mirror with a clearer & anti-glare view.

Vacuum Coated

Every mirror is protected from scratches, glare, and dust by a special vacuum coating that is durable and long-lasting.

Non-uniform Radius

The convex mirrors are non-uniform radius designed to reduce distortion and maximize the field of vision.