Glass Bending Mold

OEM Mirror Sheet Bending

Micmirror operates a glass bending production line equipped with varieties of bending glass molds, which can produce rearview mirrors with various curvatures from R120 to R2000.


With our top-grade flat glass and curvature tolerances, we meet the requirements to produce EC mirrors and ensure that they are free from scratches, distortion and bubbles.

Micmirror Series Automatic Glass Bending Facilities


Glass Bending Machine

Glass Bending Mold

Glass Bending Mold


Glass Bending Mold

Successful Stories

We proudly present the journey of a successful project that revolutionized rearview mirror glass for cars.


Revolutionize Rear View Mirror Glass in Cars

Conceiving the Vision:

We envisioned a future where rearview mirrors became more than just functional components, but also integral elements of automotive design and driver comfort.

Quality Assurance and Safety Compliance:

Rigorous testing and quality assurance measures ensured that our rearview mirror glass met and exceeded international safety standards.

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