Top 10 Motorcycle Mirror Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

Top 10 Motorcycle Mirror Manufacturers1

Factors to Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Mirror Manufacturer

Selecting the ideal motorcycle rearview mirror isn’t merely a buy-and-go affair; it deeply influences your biking journey. The maker you choose holds significant weight in this selection process. Amidst a sea of competing brands, how do you pinpoint the one that resonates with your requirements? Dive into this detailed guide to the elements you should mull over when deciding on a motorcycle mirror maker:

  1. Mirror Varieties:
    Makers often have expertise in certain mirror types. Recognize what you’re seeking — be it bar-end, fairing-mounted, or handlebar-attached mirrors. Make sure the maker has the design you’re after.
  2. Suitability for Your Bike:
    Mirrors aren’t universal fit. For example, a design perfect for a Harley Davidson might falter on a Kawasaki. Confirm that the maker crafts mirrors tailored for your bike type.
  3. Structural Integrity:
    The mirror’s makeup is indispensable. A durable mirror doesn’t just have longevity but also promises superior visibility. Pursue makers celebrated for their sturdy craftsmanship.
  4. Design vs. Usability:
    It might allure you to pick the trendiest mirror, but its core function mustn’t be sidelined. A mirror’s foremost role is to grant an unobstructed rear view, emphasizing safety. Yet, style shouldn’t be entirely overlooked. Aim for a maker who harmonizes both aspects seamlessly.
  5. Reflective Precision:
    A top-notch mirror ensures a sharp, undistorted reflection. Elements like resistance to glare and scratch can profoundly influence its clarity.
  6. Safety Priorities:
    Your well-being, and that of others on the road, is vital. Guarantee that the maker embeds safety attributes in their products. Features might encompass broad-view angles to diminish blind zones or designs that stave off vibrations, assuring a stable vision.
  7. Credibility and Feedback:
    As a final pointer, gauge the maker’s standing in the market. Scour reviews, converse with fellow bikers, and conduct due diligence. A maker with a commendable history is bound to deliver enduring quality.

To sum it up, pinpointing the apt motorcycle mirror maker is a multifaceted task demanding thoughtful reflection. It transcends mere brand allure, focusing more on the enrichment they bring to your biking moments. By pondering the above-highlighted elements, you’re positioned to make a wise pick, guaranteeing both pleasure and safety on your rides.

Motorcycle Mirror ManufacturerFeaturesRecommendation
MicmirrorHigh-quality, artistic, and engineered mirrors. Offers expansive view, durability, and style.☆☆☆☆☆
Rizoma MirrorsBlend of aesthetics and functionality. Sleek design with billet aluminum construction.☆☆☆☆☆
CRG MirrorsPrecision engineering for performance riders. Aerodynamic design, top-tier quality, and reduced drag.☆☆☆☆
Puig MirrorsInnovative designs for distinctive bikes. Advanced technology, wide view, and confidence-inspiring mirrors.☆☆☆☆
Oberon Performance MirrorsStyle meets durability. Classic charm, stainless steel construction, and adaptability to different bike types.☆☆☆☆
BikeMaster MirrorsBudget-friendly options. Focus on rider safety, affordable, and a wide range of choices for different preferences.☆☆☆
Koso MirrorsCutting-edge technology for good view. Anti-glare, vibration-dampening features, and expansive collection.☆☆☆☆
BikeIt MirrorsAffordable and reliable solutions for everyday riders. Craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness for a diverse range of riders.☆☆☆
Emgo MirrorsClassic designs with modern performance. Nostalgic appeal and contemporary functionality.☆☆☆☆
Doubletake MirrorAdventure-focused mirrors for off-road enthusiasts. Robust construction for durability and panoramic perspective.☆☆☆☆

Micmirror: High Quality From China to the World

Hailing from China’s vibrant core, Micmirror has emerged as a beacon in the motorcycle mirror production sphere. Their ascent, rooted in unwavering dedication to excellence and forward-thinking, has masterfully catered to the diverse preferences of riders worldwide. However, Micmirror’s distinction isn’t limited to compatibility alone. Their offerings exude a blend of artistic flair and meticulous engineering.



At the heart of every Micmirror creation is a clear mission: to gift riders with unmatched clarity on the go. Their aftermarket mirrors, designed to offer a better view of the road, provide various choices for automotive brands including BMW, Honda and Yamaha. They’re guardians that bolster road safety. Micmirror doesn’t just rest on practicality, though. They sprinkle every product with sophistication, ensuring riders aren’t only equipped with functionality but also bathed in style. With the robustness of stainless steel and the impeccable definition of convex mirror glass, Micmirror mirrors evolve beyond simple motorcycle add-ons. They are bold declarations of panache and prowess. So, be it threading through bustling city veins or embarking on a picturesque odyssey, Micmirror ensures riders are graced with lasting quality, sheer elegance, and a crystal-clear perspective of the world trailing them.

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    Rizoma Mirrors: A Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

    In the vast realm of motorcycle add-ons, Rizoma Mirrors carve out a distinctive niche. These aren’t just rear mirrors; they’re reflections of a rider’s essence and flair. Every motorcyclist has an intimate connection with their two-wheeler, and Rizoma reveres this bond. Their mirrors cater to those who perceive their bikes as more than vehicles – as personal statements, an extension of their very souls.


    But Rizoma isn’t solely about striking looks. Beneath the sleek veneer of each mirror is the sturdy foundation of billet aluminum, famed for its tenacity and longevity. This thoughtful blend means riders are presented with a mirror that’s both an eyeful and purposeful. While they elevate their motorcycle’s visual allure, there’s no compromising on the fundamental: a pristine, encompassing rear view. In essence, Rizoma mirrors symbolize the perfect marriage of form and function. They offer bikers an accessory that isn’t just visually captivating, but also a steadfast ally during rides. So, when you glimpse your image in a Rizoma, it’s more than self-recognition; it’s a nod to the confluence of artistic finesse and impeccable craftsmanship.

    CRG Mirrors: Precision Engineering for Performance Riders

    In the dynamic world of motorcycle accessories, CRG Mirrors stand tall, boasting a reputation that many aspire to but few achieve. They’re not mere manufacturers; they’re artisans of the road. Each CRG mirror is a testament to their unwavering dedication to detail, sculpted with the performance-driven rider at its core. For those who constantly challenge boundaries on the tarmac, every element of their bike must rise to the occasion, and CRG mirrors are crafted to do precisely that.


    Their aerodynamic design isn’t just a nod to aesthetics; it’s a functional masterpiece that actively reduces drag, thereby boosting the motorcycle’s overall performance. But the magic of CRG doesn’t end with design. Delving deeper, the choice of materials, particularly the billet aluminum, showcases CRG’s relentless pursuit of durability and top-tier quality. This commitment ensures that riders are not only presented with a mirror that elevates their bike’s visual appeal but also a dependable ally that guarantees improved visibility, a non-negotiable for safety at thrilling speeds. For those riders whose standards are sky-high, who seek a blend of unparalleled quality and distinctive style, CRG mirrors are the unequivocal answer. They stand as a shining example of what transpires when engineering brilliance converges with heartfelt craftsmanship.

    Puig Mirrors: Innovative Designs for Distinctive Bikes

    In the bustling tapestry of motorcycle gear, Puig stands as an emblem of both modernity and craftsmanship. They’re not merely a name in the industry; they encapsulate a deep-seated passion for designing mirrors that accentuate each motorcycle’s unique character. Every bike possesses its distinct narrative, with its individual allure, nuances, and flair. Puig, with its astute insight, curates mirrors that not only enhance but truly magnify this individuality.

    Puig Mirrors

    Rather than churning out one-size-fits-all designs, Puig marries advanced technology with creative genius. Peering into a Puig mirror offers not just a glance backward; it serves a wide, impeccable panorama, leaving no aspect overlooked. But Puig’s essence transcends just the visual. It’s about instilling confidence, ensuring every ride is as secure as it is exhilarating. Their steadfast commitment to excellence guarantees that their mirrors aren’t mere decorative pieces; they become vital equipment that fortifies and enriches the biking journey. For riders who seek the perfect blend of elegance and efficiency, who believe every part of their motorcycle models reflects their identity, Puig mirrors emerge as the unparalleled option. In Puig’s universe, mirrors don’t just show reflections; they echo the very heart of its beholder.

    Oberon Performance Mirrors: Where Style Meets Durability

    Oberon Performance isn’t merely another brand in the motorcycle mirror landscape; it represents a harmonious marriage of design finesse and rugged endurance. Exploring Oberon’s offerings feels like wandering through an art exhibit, where each mirror is a testament to detailed craftsmanship, built to withstand the test of time. Anchored by the strength of stainless steel, Oberon mirrors pledge lasting companionship, ensuring riders have a trusted ally for all their adventures.


    But Oberon’s magic isn’t limited to its sturdiness. Their creations exude a classic charm, aptly reflecting the essence of both the adrenaline-pumping sports bikes and the serene cruisers. This adaptability, the knack to appeal to the adrenaline junkie and the tranquil traveler alike, sets Oberon apart. Their curated collection of aftermarket motorcycle mirrors isn’t just about offering a pristine rear view; it’s about reflecting the heart, zeal, and commitment of those in the saddle. In the vast sea of motorcycle gear, Oberon Performance shines brightly, guiding enthusiasts towards a perfect meld of visual allure and steadfast durability.

    BikeMaster Mirrors: Budget-Friendly Options

    In the motorcycling universe, where accessories often carry a premium, BikeMaster stands out as a refreshing alternative. They’ve masterfully struck a balance, offering riders the dual benefits of quality and cost-effectiveness. With BikeMaster, you’re not merely opting for a wallet-friendly choice; you’re aligning with a brand deeply attuned to the true spirit of biking.


    Every BikeMaster mirror is crafted with a singular focus: the rider’s safety. They understand the importance of a crisp, clear view of what’s behind, and they deliver this without compromising on affordability. Their collection is vast and varied, ensuring there’s something for every taste. Whether you’re on the hunt for OEM mirrors that meld seamlessly with your bike’s design or aftermarket variants that inject a dash of distinctiveness, BikeMaster is your go-to. They epitomize the belief that premium quality doesn’t necessarily demand a premium price. With BikeMaster, bikers can relish the dual joys of exceptional mirrors without breaking the bank.

    Koso Mirrors: Cutting-Edge Technology for a Clear Rear View

    In the dynamic world of motorcycle gear, Koso stands tall as a symbol of relentless innovation. They don’t just manufacture mirrors; they elevate the entire riding experience. With a deep dive into technological advancements, Koso ensures each mirror is not just a product, but a marvel. Picture a mirror that provides pristine clarity while adeptly handling issues like glare and vibration. That’s the Koso difference.

    KOSO Mirrors

    Their dedication to breaking new ground is palpable in every piece they craft. Be it the anti-glare technical support that keeps the sun’s blinding rays at bay or the vibration-dampening feature ensuring a stable view on rugged paths, Koso is committed to enriching the rider’s journey. Their collection is expansive and eclectic, designed to cater to the varied preferences of the biking fraternity. Whether you’re drawn to the minimalist charm of bar-end mirrors or lean towards the timeless allure of classic OEM styles, Koso has a design that’ll speak to your heart. In an arena where technology and artistry often tread separate paths, Koso bridges the gap, offering bikers a visionary glimpse into the next-gen of motorcycle optics.

    BikeIt Mirrors: Affordable and Reliable Solutions for Everyday Riders

    In the vibrant realm of motorcycle gear, BikeIt shines as a beacon for the regular rider. Recognizing that not all bikers seek luxury, but many prioritize dependability without a steep price, BikeIt hits the mark. Their mirrors, marrying craftsmanship with cost-effectiveness, cater to the diverse spectrum of the motorcycle community. Whether you’re weaving through city streets on your daily commute or relishing the freedom of weekend rides, BikeIt ensures you’re always aware of the scene unfolding behind you.


    Their range is as varied as the riders they serve. From bespoke motorcycle mirrors that infuse a personal flair to your ride, to sturdy aftermarket choices that emphasize longevity, BikeIt offers a spectrum. But it’s not just about utility; aesthetics play a part too. Their mirrors span styles, from vintage-inspired pieces that stir memories to sleek, modern designs for the contemporary biker. At its core, BikeIt delivers mirrors that don’t just show the road behind but also mirror the distinct style and essence of the rider. Amidst a sea of options, BikeIt rises as a trusted name, ensuring top-tier mirrors without a top-tier price.

    Emgo Mirrors: Classic Look with Modern Performance

    Within the expansive realm of cycle gear, Emgo carves a unique niche, blending the nostalgic charm of bygone eras with today’s technological prowess. Their mirrors are more than mere visibility aids; they’re a tribute to a rich biking legacy, reminiscent of timeless designs cherished by many. However, Emgo doesn’t merely rely on vintage appeal. They embed contemporary performance attributes in each mirror, ensuring riders get the best of both worlds.


    Central to Emgo’s ethos is the conviction that mirrors can simultaneously honor history and embrace the future. Their mirrors, often hailed as industry benchmarks, invite riders to embellish their bikes with pieces that narrate tales. Tales of biking’s golden days, of boundless highways and thunderous engines, all while prioritizing the rider’s safety and convenience. This melding of age-old designs with state-of-the-art functionality means Emgo mirrors aren’t just for retrospection, but also for anticipating every forthcoming ride and adventure. For those who treasure the allure of vintage biking yet appreciate modern-day innovations, Emgo mirrors stand as ideal road companions.

    Doubletake Mirror: Adventure-Focused Mirrors for Off-Road Enthusiasts

    In the vast realm of motorcycling, where every twist and turn beckons discovery, Doubletake Mirrors capture the essence of the adventurer’s spirit. They don’t simply produce mirrors; they craft trusty companions for those who dare to venture into the untamed. Every off-road enthusiast understands the fickle whims of the great outdoors, from treacherous landscapes to mercurial weather shifts. With this understanding, Doubletake creates mirrors ready to face any challenge head-on. Prioritizing robustness, these mirrors are molded to resist nature’s wrath. Whether it’s charting mountain paths or crossing sandy expanses, Doubletake guarantees riders a clear, panoramic perspective of their surroundings. Yet, their dedication is more than just clear sight—it’s about enduring strength. Made to weather the harshest circumstances and still retain their integrity, these mirrors encapsulate the enduring spirit of adventure. Fundamentally, Doubletake mirrors do more than reflect; they represent a bond, a steadfast commitment to be with riders as they tread the paths less traveled. For those who believe adventure truly begins where the pavement ends, Doubletake is the dependable companion, shining light on every nook, cranny, and challenge ahead.


    Different Types of Motorcycle Mirror Materials

    When discussing motorcycle mirrors, the material matters. It influences not only the mirror’s lifespan but also its functionality and looks. Over time, manufacturers have tried and tested various materials, each with its strengths and shortcomings. Let’s explore some of the top contenders.

    1. Glass:
      An age-old favorite, glass mirrors give riders a pristine reflection of their surroundings. The catch? They’re delicate and can shatter easily, raising safety issues.
    2. Polycarbonate:
      A newer kid on the block, polycarbonate mirrors stand out for their toughness and ability to withstand impacts. While they’re sturdier, they might not offer the same crystal-clear reflection as glass and can be prone to scratches.
    3. Stainless Steel:
      Typically chosen for the mirror’s frame, stainless steel is celebrated for its sturdiness and rust resistance. It lends a contemporary touch and ensures the mirror stays put, even during thrilling rides.
    4. Billet Aluminum:
      A top pick among luxury brands, billet aluminum offers the best of both worlds: it’s light yet strong. Corrosion-resistant and versatile in design, it’s a go-to for riders who want performance paired with panache.
    5. Chrome:
      Though technically a finish rather than a material, chrome can’t be ignored. Mirrors adorned with chrome shine brilliantly, oozing timeless elegance. Yet, they demand regular care to ward off tarnish.

    In wrapping up, the best motorcycle mirror material is subjective. If it’s clarity you’re after, glass is hard to beat. But for those valuing sturdiness, polycarbonate or mirrors encased in billet aluminum may be the winners. In the end, it’s about harmonizing aesthetics and utility, ensuring the mirror isn’t just a pretty face but also delivers on its fundamental role.

    How to Properly Fit Motorcycle Mirrors?

    Motorcycle mirrors aren’t just an assembly of glass and metal; they play a pivotal role in ensuring rider safety. Anyone with a love for riding understands that it’s not merely about viewing the road left behind but also about having a panoramic view of potential hazards. This holistic view gives riders the chance to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to their safety. The true aim? To achieve that sweet spot in mirror adjustment where you can glance and immediately gain an all-encompassing view of the road behind, its challenges, and its players. This alignment isn’t just for safety—it grants riders confidence, assuring them that they are fully aware and integrated into their environment. Leading brands in the biking industry, like Micmirror and BikeMaster, recognize the importance of this alignment. They’ve risen to the occasion, offering guidance and tools that simplify the process of mirror adjustment. They help ensure that riders, be it novices or pros, get their mirrors positioned to offer optimal vision and clarity. But here’s the thing: motorcycle mirrors are more than just shiny surfaces reflecting images. They are extensions of a rider’s eyes, broadening their perspective and keeping them connected to the world zipping past them. Properly adjusted mirrors aren’t just a safety feature—they elevate the riding experience. A clear and unobstructed view from these mirrors means a more immersive, enjoyable, and safer ride. When riders hit the road, knowing they’re equipped with this extended vision, they’re not just riding; they’re gliding confidently through every adventure.

    a man looking in a motorcycle mirror

    Maintenance and Care Tips From Pro Manufacturer

    Motorcycle mirrors are more than just stylish add-ons; they’re essential safety components that require diligent maintenance. A well-cared-for mirror not only enhances the aesthetics of the bike but also ensures crystal-clear vision, reducing the potential blind spots. Here are some expert tips to keep your mirrors looking and functioning at their best:

    1. Routine Cleaning:
      It’s not just about aesthetics; clear mirrors ensure a safer ride. A simple wipe with a soft cloth and a mild soapy solution can effectively remove dirt, ensuring optimal visibility. Remember, consistency is key.
    2. Choose Gentle Materials:
      Steer clear of abrasive materials that could potentially scratch the mirror’s surface. Any such blemish can impede vision and compromise the mirror’s sleek appearance.
    3. Retain the Shine:
      If your mirrors are accentuated with chrome or stainless steel, make use of specific chrome polishes. This will maintain their shine, ensuring they don’t look tarnished or worn out with time.
    4. Ensure Stability:
      Mirrors that aren’t securely attached can lead to vibrations, making it tough to get a clear view. Regularly inspect the tightness of the mirror stems to prevent any unwarranted wobble.
    5. Customized Maintenance:
      Not all mirrors are the same. Whether they’re aftermarket specials or original OEMs, each might have specific care requirements. Adjust your maintenance practices accordingly to get the best out of each type.

    By embracing these expert-recommended care tips, you’re not merely enhancing the aesthetics of your bike. More importantly, you’re reinforcing an integral safety feature. Because in the end, well-maintained mirrors aren’t just about good looks; they play a crucial role in a rider’s overall safety and riding experience.


    Navigating the vast realm of motorcycle accessories, mirrors emerge as paramount companions. More than just aesthetic embellishments, they serve as vital tools to ensure a rider’s well-being. This guide, infused with wisdom from leading motorcycle mirror manufacturers, aims to guide riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re drawn to the classic charm of Emgo mirrors, the steadfast resilience of Doubletake, or the avant-garde designs of Puig, there’s a mirror tailored for your unique preference. As you embark on your motorcycling voyage, let safety be your guiding light and the thrill of exploration fuel your passion. Here’s to safe travels and cherished memories on the road!

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